Foods And Nutrients

6 Nutrients A Woman Must Have


Why It Matters-An essential micronutrient,choline supports the liver’s natural detoxification process(no juice cleanse necessary!).Some research also suggests that getting enough choline could reduce your risk for breast cancer. But unfortunately, most women over age 50 take in only half their daily quota.

How much you need 425mg dailyegg3
best for sources Eggs (particularly the yolks),salmon and Brussels sprouts.

Article Source.By Marygrace Taylor.
By Antonio Barnes




Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals for caring about others.
My strength, faith, ambition, supervision, consideration, thoughtfulness, reality, and education.

I need your support and help, any one that has PR(Public Relation Skill) you can contact me at or I can contact you via email or phone.Help me to continue helping others.

Send comments,questions,and quotes.

Deeds, will do all the TALKING!

By. Antonio Barnes-Author of “Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate


Baltimore My Home Part-3 Solutions

Baltimore My Home Part-3

By now we all know the damage to the cite from the Looting, Rioting,Fires,Fights,and Crying. Now let come together and get this cite back on its feet. I understand pain the people that might have been feeling, thats over and done. Families still need to go to the store and the elderly needs there meds which was really effected by.

What are you going to do to help build the city back? What kind of solutions do you have for the problems for our city and cities across the country?

I’ve been writing on this blog for months about my solutions for all cities. To help build my city, I’m publishing tow books in the next two months “Prison Is Not A Play Ground-Revise Version” and ” Bullying Is Not A Play Ground Game”. I’ll be donating 20% of the proceeds of each book to a organization thats working on the rebuild of the city, and 40% of each book the proceeds will go to two youth foundations and two Bullying foundations. Thats my way of giving back!!!

By Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.


Baltimore My Home – part 2

Baltimore My Home

I’m a 48 year old African American raised in a unban city, Baltimore. I’ve been listening to this big controversy about the President and Mayor Rowling using the work “THUG’.

Here we go again lets keep it real African Americans use the work “THUG” so loosely daily its a cool word to them, or would I say a slick word to them?, the ones in the streets.

Lets look at the work “THUG” the word means “Brutal Person,Hoodlum, gangster, and Criminal”, and what we saw Monday April 27,2015 was all of those words,”CRIMINAL ACTIONS”!.

We need to stop playing the work game and making words fit our situations because we want them to mean what we want at the time of an event or situation. Thats why words have meaning so let them mean what they mean, so as we say in the city lets keep it real or should I say 100, because the “N” word could never mean “THUG”.

The President and Mayor Rowling are very intelligent people, I think they know how to use words.
So lets keep it real!

By Antonio Barnes.


Baltimore My Home-part 1


Baltimore a day I’ll never forget, April,27,2015. I’m a Baltimorean love my city all the negativity we saw on that sad day is not what Baltimore is about.

The world watched up close what was happening in my city ever action there a reaction and what we saw was the reaction of a problem this country and unban America Cities been going through for years.

Looting, Rioting,Fighting,Fires,and Crying. My late mother use to tell me all the time everything bad, is not that bad at all because you will find some good out of it! Thank for the new wave of the camera. My heart goes out to the Freddie Gray family! Mr. Gray’s death was devastating for us all, but it shined a light on what people has been reporting for decades.”Police Brutality”, the whole world saw it for themselves that it do goes on!

Now don’t get me wrong we need police officers to run these cities and have a lot of very good ones, but we don’t need “Thugs In Uniforms”

By Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

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This great country of ours has set through the Travaon Martin trail,watched the Michael Brown targeted story. Many had their own views, feelings and judgments. It was devastating to to see these two families to name a few to have to go through something like that!

Let get back on track and focus on the real problems and matters at hand. Kill the race card and all this “BS” we’ve watched for over a month. I feel for these families. We have these lovely parents here who have lost their children to another one of these (BULLETS),thats what we need to be focusing on! This is something no parent should have to go through, it’s sad and very painful to have to go through.

Hopefully this can be a big eye opener for us because we have Travon Martins dropping every day to these same (BULLETS) that takes these young children’s lives on our streets.The great country and communities need to step to the plate and do something about this madness, because we have all the resources, voices,faces,and great people to make a difference in these children lives out there on them streets.

We have the Jay-Z’s, Little Wayne,Bird Man, Nicki Minaj, and some of your most fames athletics,their our biggest problem with these youths “unintentionally”,but there the biggest solution for this madness we’re witnessing!,thats going on in our streets and communities. Their voices, face,and personalities would make the biggest difference, because they speak their language. These youths looks up to them love their music, videos. They support them and will follow them in the right direction.

I see the concerts that they are giving for their support which are great. Now I’m asking, what we should be asking of these same people that come from these same streets is to go inside of these communities and support them. With there support will save a lot of Travon Martins and families from pain and grief!


By.Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.